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    : 18/06/2008

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    1-Getting Started with Computers
    1- Which type of computer is used to operate large corporate systems and databases?
    1. Desktop computer
    2. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
    3. Mainframe
    4. Laptop

    2- Which of the following would be considered a portable computer?
    1. Workstation
    2. Mainframe
    3. Laptop
    4. Desktop computer

    3- Which one of these computers in the most powerful?
    1. Mainframe computer
    2. Laptop
    3. Server
    4. Personal computer

    4- Which of the following describes the essential components of Information Technology?
    1. Primary, secondary and cache memory
    2. RAM and ROM
    3. Hardware, software and communications technologies
    4. Hardware and shareware

    5- Which of the following would improve computer performance?
    1. Using a larger monitor
    2. Increasing the number of applications running
    3. Using a faster printer
    4. Increasing the RAM size

    6- Which two of the following have a significant influence on the speed at which a computer performance?
    1. Installing new application
    2. Clearing all the unwanted files off a hard disk
    3. Installing a smaller monitor
    4. Increasing the amount of RAM
    5. Adding a CD-ROM drive

    7- Which two of the following does not influence the performance of computer?
    1. The amount of free space on the PC's hard disk
    2. The amount of main memory (RAM) that is installed
    3. The use of a trackball rather than a mouse
    4. The type of graphics card that is installed

    2-Exploring Computer Hardware
    1- The speed of the CPU is measured in?
    1. Megahertz (MHz)
    2. Bits per second (bps)
    3. Gigabytes (GB)
    4. Megabytes (MB)

    2- Which of the following is NOT a function of the Central Processing Unit?
    1. Executing program instructions
    2. Ensuring program instructions are executed in the correct sequence
    3. Sending e-mail
    4. Carrying out calculations

    3- Drag each of the statements to below the type of computer memory it describes?
    RAM - ROM
    1. The operating system is loaded into this when the PC is switched on
    2. The contents of this disappear when the PC is switch off
    3. The contents of this are fixed during the manufacture of the PC
    4. The contents of this change constantly as the PC is used
    5. You can't write to this type of memory

    4- Which one of these types of computer memory is permanent and unchanging?
    1. Random Access Memory
    2. Working Memory
    3. Virtual Memory
    4. Read only Memory

    5 - Which one of the following is true about ROM?
    1. It is wiped clean when you switch off the computer
    2. It stores the computer's operating system
    3. It con not be modified by the user
    4. It is loaded from your hard disk when you switch on the computer

    6- A Gigabyte is approximately?
    1. 1,000 Bytes
    2. 100 Kilobytes
    3. 1,000 Kilobytes
    4. 1,000 Megabytes

    7- Which of the following is both an input and output device?
    1. Touch screen
    2. Keyboard
    3. Printer
    4. Scanner
    5. Light pen

    8- Match each media type to the back-up situation for which it is most appropriate?
    2 GB Buck-up Tape - 2 GB Hard Disk - 1.44 Mb Floppy Disk
    1. Archiving Personal Records
    2. Backing up a text file
    3. Storing 1.5 Gb of work in progress

    9- Which one of these types of storage provides the faster access to data?
    1. Zip Disk
    2. Floppy Disk
    3. Hard Disk
    4. CD-ROM

    10- Which of the following statements about formatting a floppy disk for the first time is true?
    1. Formatting prepares a floppy disk to store data
    2. Formatting backs up data onto a floppy disk
    3. Formatting copies a floppy disk
    4. Formatting unlocks a floppy disk

    11- Which one of these statements about formatting computer storage media is true?
    1. All operating systems format disks in the same way
    2. You can't format a disk if it's been formatted already
    3. pre formatted disk can be used immediately to store data
    4. You should regularly format floppy disk

    12- Which one of these statements about formatting computer storage media is true?
    1. Disk are automatically formatted when you save file
    2. A used floppy disk cannot be reformatted
    3. Unformatted disks need operating system data written to them before they can store files
    4. A full format does not erase data from your disk

    13- Drag each of the statements into the correct boxes?
    True - False
    1. Formatting is the process of saving data onto a floppy disk
    2. Full disk formatting completely erases the previous contents of a disk
    3. You can not purchase pre-formatted disks
    4. All disks need to be formatted before they can store files (
    5. A used floppy disk cannot be reformatted
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