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 Romeo and Juliet Acts II-III Test

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مُساهمةموضوع: Romeo and Juliet Acts II-III Test   السبت يناير 31, 2009 11:07 am

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Romeo and Juliet Acts II-III Test (2nd Period)

Multiple Choice Questions (Choose the best answer; worth 2 points each):

  • What does the Chorus say about Romeo at the beginning of Act II? ________

    • The chorus says that Romeo does not know who he loves.
    • The chorus says that Romeo met lots of beautiful girls at the party.
    • The chorus says that Romeo no longer loves Rosaline, but wants to marry Juliet.
    • The chorus says that Romeo wishes that he had never gone to the party.

  • Instead of leaving the Capulet party with his friends, Romeo _________.

    • leaps over the wall and hides in the Capulet’s orchard
    • leaves the party with Rosaline
    • leaves the party by himself
    • refuses to leave the party

  • To what does Romeo first compare Juliet during the famous balcony scene? ____

    • the moon
    • the stars
    • a summer’s day
    • the morning sun

  • Juliet quickly admits her love for Romeo in the famous balcony scene because______?

    • she wants to marry him
    • she is sure his love is true
    • she is not a flirt
    • he has overheard her thinking aloud about her love for him


  • What do Romeo and Juliet decide to do about their love? ___________

    • They plan to have Friar Lawrence marry them
    • The Nurse will lead them out of Verona, away from the Montague and Capulet clans
    • They plan to marry, with their parents’ permission, when Juliet turns sixteen
    • The Montagues will hide Juliet in their home after the couple has married

  • Tybalt sends a letter to Lord Montague’s home saying________?

    • he is angry because of jokes Mercutio makes about him
    • Juliet will marry him with the permission of Lord Capulet
    • He has a feud to settle with Romeo and wishes to challenge Romeo
    • He will spy for the Montague family if he can marry Rosaline

  • Friar Lawrence scolds Romeo in Act II because ________?

    • Romeo is causing trouble by wooing Juliet
    • Romeo is so changeable in love
    • Juliet is too young to marry
    • Romeo has been unfaithful to Rosaline

  • In Act II, the action focuses in the plans of Romeo and Juliet. When the Nurse brings Juliet the message from Romeo, the Nurse intensifies the moment by________?

    • going on and on about her pains, thus leaving Juliet in suspense
    • refusing to pass on the message until she has been properly tipped
    • betraying Romeo and encouraging Juliet to marry Paris
    • giving the message to Juliet’s mother instead of Juliet herself

  • When a character delivers a soliloquy, he or she ___________?

    • directs his or her thoughts to other characters onstage
    • expresses private thoughts to the audience
    • speaks from behind a curtain or somewhere offstage
    • describes an event that is related to but not a part of the dialogue in the play

  • Dramatic Irony occurs _______?

    • whenever Shakespeare stages a fight
    • when the audience knows something that the characters in the play do not
    • when the friar believes he can unite the feuding families
    • when Juliet is insecure about Romeo’s true feelings

  • In Scene i of Act III, Mercutio speaks the following line: “Tybalt, you ratcatcher, will you walk?” Mercutio wants Tybalt to ____________.

    • give up the fight
    • join Mercutio for the evening
    • fight
    • leave quickly


Why does Tybalt first challenge Romeo to a duel? _______

    • He is offended that Romeo loves his cousin
    • He is offended that Romeo bites his thumb at him
    • He is offended that Romeo shows up at the Capulet’s party
    • Tybalt does not challenge Romeo to a duel; he challenges Mercutio

  • At first, Romeo doesn’t want to fight Tybalt because Romeo __________.

    • is a coward
    • is now related to Tybalt by marriage
    • thinks that Mercutio has a better chance of beating Tybalt
    • is on his way to marry Juliet

  • The prince punishes Romeo by __________.

    • sentencing him to death
    • annulling his marriage
    • banishing him from Verona forever
    • sentencing him to jail

  • When the prince arrives, Benvolio _____________.

    • promises to bring Romeo to the prince
    • recounts the events of the killings to the prince
    • delivers a message from Romeo to Juliet
    • confesses to the killings of Tybalt to the prince

  • All of the following consequences result from Romeo’s killing of Tybalt except______

    • Juliet decides that Paris is more honorable than Romeo
    • Romeo and Juliet cannot reveal their marriage
    • Juliet is to be married to Paris almost immediately
    • Romeo is banished from Verona

  • When the Nurse comes in Juliet first believes that ________ is dead.

    • Tybalt
    • Mercutio
    • Romeo
    • Paris

  • The Nurse helps Juliet by _____________.

    • persuading Juliet to tell her parents of her marriage to Romeo
    • going to Friar Lawrence with a ring of Juliet’s for Romeo
    • never arguing with Juliet and always praising Romeo
    • hiding the news about Tybalt and Romeo from Juliet

  • Which statement is True about Paris?

    • His interest in Juliet lessens after Tybalt’s death
    • He visits the house of Montague and speaks with Benvolio
    • He enjoys puns and games that match people’s wits
    • He wishes to marry a woman he does not know well

  • Lord Capulet responds to the death of Tybalt by ___________.

    • traveling to Mantua in order to murder Romeo himself
    • arranging the immediate marriage of Paris and Juliet
    • negotiating with the prince for Romeo’s banishment
    • asking Paris to leave Verona and await further word

  • All of the following events happen at the conclusion of Act III except _______.

    • the Nurse suggests that Juliet forget Romeo and marry Paris
    • Juliet refuses to marry Paris
    • Lord Capulet scorns his only child and vows to disown her
    • Lady Capulet convinces Lord Capulet that Paris should leave Verona

  • The turning point in Romeo and Juliet occurs when _________.

    • Romeo and Juliet marry
    • Mercutio is killed
    • Romeo kills Tybalt
    • Juliet’s parents arrange her marriage to Paris

  • How many days have passed from the beginning of the play to the end of Act III?

    • less than 2
    • about 3
    • at least 4
    • more than a week

  • Which of the following events serves as a complication to the main conflict of Romeo and Juliet? ________.

    • At first, Romeo refuses to fight with Tybalt
    • Juliet receives news of Romeo and Tybalt from the Nurse
    • Friar Lawrence tells Romeo to leave for Mantua by morning
    • Lord Capulet arranges for his daughter to marry Paris

  • As Juliet encounters more conflicts and problems, her character changes, and she _______.

    • runs away from her problems
    • pushes away her elders and threatens suicide
    • finds herself unable to make a decision
    • confesses that her life with Romeo is ill-fated and wants to leave him

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Romeo and Juliet Acts II-III Test
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